About the Hospital

Yodogawa Chuo Animal Hospital

Address Osaka-shi, Yodogawa-ku,Higashi-Mikuni 6-12-6
TEL 06-6398-7692(Sun.Mon.Tue.Wed.Thu 9:30 - 19:30 request for English clinic/Ms Nagashima)
FAX 06-6398-7693(Sun.Mon.Tue.Wed.Thu 9:30 - 19:30 request for English clinic/Ms Nagashima)
English speaking vet Nagashima Honami

For Dog, Cat, Small furries.

  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Small furries

The hospital is open 7days a week, throughout the year.

(English clinic : Sun,Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu only)

consultation hours Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Morning 9:30 - 12:30
(the reception opens at 9:00)

*We ask first time visitors to come by 19:00

Evening 16:30 - 19:30
(the reception opens at 16:00)

*We operate “walk in and wait” clinics.*clinics.*by 19:00

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At the time of your visit, your pets may become very nervous and/or excited. They may attempt to escape, even those who are normally calm and quiet.
Escaping can lead to dangerous accidents. To prevent such troubles, please keep your pet in a cage or hold its lead short.


walk straight from Higashi Mikuni station westward,
then turn right at the petrol station
- the hospital is along the road,
next to the convenience store FamilyMart.

Car parking;

3 cars can be parked in front of the hospital. There is another parking space for 4 cars close to the hospital.

Yodogawa Chuo Animal Hospital is the animal hospital in Osaka.

the Vet

Honami Nagashima BVSc mRCVS

‘For your friends that speak no words - let us think by your side what we can do for them!’
Please check her clinic calendar


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First Visit

When you visit us for the first time...
  1. information desk

    1.Tell us at the reception that you “request for English clinic / Ms Nagashima

  2. queuing list

    2.Write your name on the queuing list. We will then ask you to fill in a consultation form.

  3. waiting room

    3.Please wait in the waiting room, until we call you in to one of the consultation rooms

  4. Consultation

    4.Consultation (examine your pet, treat)

  5. prescription

    5.Please wait again in the waiting room for prescription and payment

  6. Get well

    6.All done! Get well soon!

three principles

‘Correct diagnosis correct treatment’ ’Appropriate prices’ ’Sincerity’
to create a hospital that satisfies its clients’ needs - Yodogawa Chuo Animal Hospital was opened with one such aim.

Perform correct diagnosis and treatment with original enthusiasm at reasonable prices for treatments offered. We will keep to those ‘basic’ principles and truly hope that they are followed by every animal practice.


first consultation fee ¥1,620
Vaccine for dogs 5 in one ¥5,400 Vaccine for dogs 7 ¥7,560
Rabies vaccine ¥2,650    
Cat vaccine 3 ¥3,880 Cat vaccine 5 ¥5,830
Ferret vaccine ¥3,240    

Enquiry form

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Note that diagnosing and treating without consultations are very dangerous.
If you have questions about diagnosis and treatment of diseases, please visit our hospital and discuss with vets directly.

As we will read and reply your messages between daily clinics, it may take time  to get back to you. If you are in a hurry, or in the case where we have not replied to you after a week, please call or visit us.

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